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A Preemie Daddy’s Story….

So I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but I think it’s important for us Preemie daddy’s to stick together. It’s hard on us too, as well as our partners.

This time last year, my wife was advised that she would not be able to carry to full term, and would need to be monitored very closely throughout this pregnancy. To make light of the situation I made up a silly song for every time she went to have a CTG which was every other day, and I’d ask her to sing it to me every time she went, to be honest I think by the second week she was ready to knock my teeth out!

Come 15 November following an emergency scan we were advised that at the weekend they would perform a c section. However just as I was collecting my son from nursery she called to say that the c section was happening that day. All I can say is thank god that she had packed her hospital bag for ‘just in case’ as I would have picked up her drawers and tipped them inside the bag! I remember my brother came to collect my son within an hour of him leaving us our little princess Maya was born at 20:35 weighing a tiny teeny 940grams. We saw her for a just a second before she was rushed off.

In the light of things I was the lucky one as I was physically able to go and see her as soon as they took her to SCBU, whilst wifey was dosed up on morphine. I know it was hard for her being on a ward with other mothers who had their babies with them and my wife had no cot, no baby.

I think one of the most important moments in my life was when I held Maya I was scared as she was too tiny, and had a numerous wires hanging off her tiny body. She was like a fragile China tea cup. I felt helpless as her Daddy that I couldn’t make her better.

I think every parent will remember asking when their little ones would come home, the question would come daily, ‘when do you think we can take her home?’ and every day they’d give the same answer. As a family we had one wish that christmas and that was to have Maya at home with us to celebrate the festive season and our prayers were answered four days before the big day we brought her home, I can not begin to express the way I felt, the feeling was overwhelming. The most poignant moment has to be when I face timed my sister in law and told her that we had a very special visitor, the look on her face and tears of joy were picture perfect.

As we draw near to her 1st birthday, we have a healthy little girl, who is crawling around and causing havoc and I  sit and reflect on the trials and tribulations we have faced this year and give thanks to the SCBU unit and the wonderful staff who saved my daughters life that is one debt I will never be able repay.

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