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With Spring in the air and warmer days ahead; I can confidently take over HertsPrems blogging this month.  Its been a crucial moment for me and mine; LO reached a pivotal milestone of celebrating her corrected 2nd birthday last month’ and deemed a normal toddler by the medics, fit to travel by plane – so we set out and took immediate action.  This second birthday was celebrated by a family photo-shoot which went well, bonding experience  unbeknown to the guests; only to avoid sounding like a scratched record about being Preemie yadayada: this sticks and won’t change but need to get some norm from time to time, hey.

We flew to Zimbabwe for the first time as a family; this was really challenging for me; as i have always been a frequent ‘lone’ traveller.  Now priorities had changed; I had to factor in ‘full cream milk’ for the night flights as this was not provided by air line, factoring the strict rules of fluids being taken on board. Following extensive research I resolved to thinking ‘surely I am not the first and definitely not the last to go through this dilemma. Indeed this too did blow over, managed get half pint of my liquid gold (milk) (commonly called this in Preemie world).

With this snag over, the flight was enjoyable as LO slept through the night, and did pretty well that it took 24 hours door to door.  Family was ecstatic to  meet their cousin, niece, grand-daughter and to some LO is an aunt….as my niece has children older that LO!  Being home opened some raw wounds; of the cost of migration!  Since having a micro premature baby at 23 weeks; I have experienced and witnessed the full circle of life.  I was no longer able to pick and go at the drop of a hat, everything had to planned succinctly. Most didn’t get it and i gave up explaining myself, became focused on number 1 and very organized, am loving the new me and the new friends I have made along the way.

What does she mean by ‘full circle?’, I hear you ask..Well besides having an early baby when I felt that we were getting somewhere; my dad fell ill last January the week of  my 40th Birthday…This brought on further ill health for me; the blood pressure I thought was under control went out the window, doctors felt I am treatment resistant and unfit to travel to support my family back home.  This left me feeling useless, as if that wasn’t enough; I lost my dad 5 weeks later.  Leaving me literary paralized, feeling more than ‘useless’ to my families needs at the time.  Who could I turn to? My husband is an absolute Godsent and my daughter just twigged something within me; that this too ‘shall pass’ and we will make the journey home to Zimbabwe; one day, God Willing.

I resolved to get even fitter; to beat this ‘generational curse’; only god knows how he has brought me to this stage where I am less lethargic, achieved a year back at work full time, in a new challenging role and successful.  My family is flourishing; have come out with more positive over the negative, two years down the line; am truly blessed.

HertsPrems is going from strength to strength; this challenging life experience has opened many doors; we have committment from valid supporters who believe in us and can see our vision in supporting others like us.  HertSPrems are proud to be a part of the local community and will be at the Watford Community Fair on 1 June 2013 from 10am til 4pm @ Charter Place, WD17 2RS,  Watford; Come and meet the team! You can confirm your attendance on our events page

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Till the next Blog… Audrey – HertsPrems

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