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HertsPrems Update- Rebekah

I was thinking its about time that I did another blog it been a while in fact its been nearly a year! So hello MojoMums hope your all doing well! The tricky thing about blogging is knowing where to start or if what I am going to say is what you all want to read.. But I will give it another go.

Firstly lets start with Hertsprems as this is the reason I am writing this blog We set it up nearly 2 years ago we started by saying for ages how we need to give back but how are we going to do this with our busy lives? We had already set up a private group on Facebook called HertsPrems where we could help parents through a very tough journey. Although we felt that we were helping; it still wasn’t enough! Finally we came up with a Fundraising day at a venue where WGH SCBU arrange monthly parents support which was a valuable resource. The group is hosted by a magnificent lady from WGH SCBU we spoke to the venue and arranged a day for the fundraiser they let us have it free which couldn’t of been more helpful. So we had a date and an idea then thought what do we do, after mentioning the idea to a few people we were pointed in the right direction.

We gave ourselves lists to do and off we went chasing companies for raffle prizes, entertainment, refreshments created an advertisement. Slowly we started checking of our lists, we where so over whelmed by the donations for our Fundraising day that we felt that we had accomplished so much already! The day came and it was stressful and exciting we had everything set and ready to go. All we waited for was our loyal friends and family; however we were so blessed that over 200 people turned up by the end of that day we had raised over £2000 for our first big step towards our charitable cause we were left exhausted but also on such a high it was very over whelming for us!

Following our initial effort of a Zumbathon we were offered to be apart of Hill Farms annual charity event. This was incredible; one minute we were phoning everyone to help and now were getting offered support, it was another level of gratefulness They held a fundraising day for us which we loved we had our stand selling raffle tickets and educating people about premature births! Which raised another incredible £2000! Then we thought lets do a dinner dance on the world premature day to show how much it means to us and support our local SCBU. With the help of MojoMums and some very talented people we put together a great evening!

In just a matter of months our idea of raising money was now happening and we had raised over £6000. Why stop there; we then decided to put on a Xmas fair going back to the venue we used for our summer fair. We were lucky and blessed to have yet again so many donations and support from a great amount of people and mostly such generous people, with out their generosity we wouldn’t of done so well. After all the events we were had raised nearly £9000 for Watford and Luton. 2013 wasn’t filled by events by us, the founders (two moms); it was filled with events by other parents/supporters who have become HertsPrems Champions and Collaborated with HertsPrems justgiving page. We had parents doing Marathons; taking part in HertsPrems Wear Purple Appeal for World Premature Day at schools or supermarket collections, MojoMums Carol singing, some parents got families to donate to the cause on a Birthday or at a crucial time as experiencing a loss of an Angel.

It was a moment of look how far we come! We have now got to such an achievable place that others were going out of their way to raise money honoring our name! We still email many companies to keep the word spreading about premature births we have an official twitter and facebook page to help parents of premature births and to raise awareness and money for a much needed cause. In 2013 with all the donations we have nearly raised £16k which is more than we ever dream’t of back in 2012! 2014 is going to be another great year for HertsPrems; we are in close contact with the hospitals working to come up with more supporting ways for parents once they leave SCBU or NICU and carry on raising awareness and money.

We at HertsPrems are so grateful for getting this far and hope to achieve so much more in the near future with your help and support. HertsPrems are very open to hearing your stories and how we can help our parents more significantly.

As for my daughter she will be turning 3 in a few weeks, I have spent the beginning of 2014 reflecting on how far we have both come as mother and daughter in just 3 years. From the loss of my husband and her premature birth we have got a unique bond and great strength. Becoming a parent is the best thing that ever happened to me, its made me more determined and more focused on getting the best out of life for my daughter and I. And loosing my husband has taught me to take nothing for granted and enjoy every moment as if its your last. It’s taken me a while to get to such a positive place in life but with true friends and an incredible supportive family you can get through anything. It doesn’t mean you get over anything, as I will always miss him and love him but it all just takes time. Learning to have patience, sometimes its the only thing you can have and helps you in a very powerful way. I’m looking forward to our future and what it may bring. And to the future of HertsPrems!

Take care Rebekah

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