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Rebekah – Special Moments

Well, my first month of blogging is now firmly under my belt. It’s been a hectic month! My daughter turned two, it was Mother’s Day… Dad’s birthday, my nephew’s birthday and my sister and brother in law were visiting from abroad…

Not forgetting our ‘Helping hands’ day for our HertsPrems which raised nearly £200 in just a few hours of helping pack food at M&S. You can now like our official page on Facebook

Work this month has also been busy coming into to spring although the weather hasn’t been at all like spring! I worked on a photoshoot for a wedding shop and a new vintage costume jewellery line. Lots of fun!

My daughters birthday was truly amazing. Hired a hall and a fantastic entertainer by Boogie Babies, which was lots of singing and dancing which is what shes really into at the mo. I also had a very talented friend do facepainting for the older children and my lovely friend who is an amazing photographer came and captured some very memorable moments.

As I looked at my daughter, surrounded by our family & friends, enjoying her very special day, having truly been treated like a princess all day, I realised how far we had both come. Hers has been a physical journey, mine an emotional one. I think progress has been made. We are both moving forward and for once I think we might be doing ok…..only time will tell!?

We had birthday cake for many days in a row due to all the birthdays and also celebratory dinners out! Now in need of a major detox! However it now is Easter so that might not happen just yet!!!

My daughter so far hasn’t hit the terrible twos yet!? I feel so blessed to have her in my life she is an absolute joy to be around, exhausting but still a joy. She has an amazing mixture of her Daddy’s and my personality, which is hysterical to watch. She makes so many people smile where ever we go, something that she’s inherited from her daddy.

I’m lucky she is a very good girl, very cheeky but good. She comes along with me if we need shopping and if I need my eye brows doing she will just sit on my lap watching intently.

I love seeing the world now through her eyes, whether we go to the park & feed the ducks, her music classes or tumble about in an adventure world. It’s such a wonderful experience remembering how it was to be a child. Just kicking stones or feeding ducks gives us so much joy. I appreciate the special bond between my daughter and I. Spending special careless times together, it’s as if everything in the world is ok for a moment, it doesn’t last forever this age so I’m making the most of it. I just wish it could always be that way.

I miss my husband in all that I do and yes I have a tear in my eye with everything I do with my daughter thinking about how life would be if he was here with us, but I have leant to enjoy the moment as that is what he would want us to be doing. I just pray we make him proud.

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