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Social Inclusion For HertsPrems

Hello there one and all,

This month has been all about settling back in the mundane routines of life following our first international holiday. This last weekend HertsPrems was involved in the local community event Watford Live supported by Nanny Art Bags (who contribute a percentage of their sales made from the bags to HertsPrems) turned out brilliantly….We got to spend the day amongst the local community who were intrigued about the reality of prematurity and its effects, some confessed that they too have experienced premature labour with childrenwho now strapping teenagers born locally.  It was really inspiring, it  gave us a more to strive for the year to get more people involved and feel included in what we are aiming to achieve.  The launch of our face book page has been successful such an amazing response, just goes to show what you can achieve if you put yourself out there.

This month we will making plans to get on track with fundraising events, so far we will be involved with Bushey Big Bike Ride on 07/07/2013; hopefully will get some supporters to join and raise valid funds.  Our ever faithful supporter Hill Farm will once again host a charity Horse Dressage in honor of HertsPrems.

All this support has given HertsPrems recognition as top fundraisers for both Watford Genernal Hospital SCBU and Luton and Dunstable NICU .  Our efforts continue to be acknowledged; this week we have been invited to the unvieling of a Thank You Mural at Luton and Dunstble Hospital for helping with fundraising for NICU Appeal which has raised £670K of the £1.5 million appeal.  This will be an emotional journey for us, as it will be the first time we have returned to the hospital since our LO left NICU weighing  just 1kg just 7.5 weeks after birth at 23 weeks – weighing 540 grams.

L&D NICU is a place that is not easy to access once you leave; due to safeguarding of the vulnerable, so am so grateful for this opportunity to at least catch a glimpse of the recent developments and hopefully catchup with some of our previous medical team.  Watford SCBU has proven a godsend with the parenting support offered once you leave hospital and our community team is amazing, always there when you need them, I’d say beyond the call of duty – without all these networks of services provided following on Premature birth; we would be lost.

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